Mind your own business.


When i say “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS” i mean i want JUSTICE. 

I mean to say “Please don’t meddle around my life because mind your own business”. 

When you say “You want to invite me over dinner!”

Just because you feel like feeding a homeless person.

Then i would politely say ” Don’t mind a homeless person’s business”

 Because even a homeless person has the right of privacy. Let them have their space.

When a woman fights with her man, Please mind your own business

Because I would like to politely say ” She has the full legal rights to fight”

When you say ” But they don’t understand each other” 

I say ” Mind your own business” if you still don’t get what i said “Go understand yourself and fix your problems first”. Don’t come barging in my life 30 years later saying “I love cats, I’m a cat lady”


When you say “Listen to my opinion because it matters the most”

I would politely say ” Go cook yourself your own opinion and feed your opinion to your brains and Go mind your own business”.

When you say “You’re concerned they haven’t reached their goals yet”. 


I would like to politely say “You don’t know, They might have something else planned for themselves, you be concerned for yourself and GO mind your own business”.

 If you see me walking down the road laughing and rejoicing for some reason you don’t know, then, please don’t thrust your nose into my happiness

Because then i would politely say ” It’s my headache. Please go Mind your own business”.


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