Vent on me. xx 

It’s 2:05 AM. I should be asleep but I’m solely sitting down infornt of my computer with my tiny night lamp while i listen to the silent night. It’s so peaceful outside, the stars are out  where as, my mind is hairy and tangled up. I’ve been thinking about most of the horrifying events that has occurred to me during these past few weeks. It has been mentally, emotionally, physically and financially challenging. But right now, as i breath in the fine and crisp air entering through my wide open window i say to myself “I SURVIVED, AND NOW, I SHALL HUNT FOR HAPPINESS”.

I’d never thought i was strong enough to fight through boiling emotions, betrayal and financial trauma. Now, I feel stronger than ever together with the feeling of content. I know i cannot change or turn things around since I’ve lost it but i cannot also run and hide away from life nor can I reverse the whole situation. I had to cope with it So, i did. I turned my sadness, disappointment and frustration into an angry battlefield. I fought back my tears, feeling of hopelessness, emotions and forced myself to get up and start working on what I’d missed out. I’ve always been taught to act calm even in the worst event and that’s what I did. I stayed calm even though my heart was racing twice more than normal and my legs felt numb.

And if you’re reading this right now, I’m still here! If I can do it, you can do it too. If you’re feeling lonely, depressed, bullied, hopeless or rejected don’t stay quiet. Do not put a fake smile around your face and tell others “you’re doing fine”. The best thing to do is to – blow off the long flickering candle, pack your emotions of hopelessness, go find a person you trust and vent your spleen on them. if you don’t have anyone you trust, VENT IT ON ME! I assure you I’ll listen to you as I have humble ears to listen to you.




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