Haku namatata list

Today, i’m going to haku namatata your life. Yup! Haku namatata. (I wish I could show you how my face looks when I say haku namatata out loud- oh boy I look funny haha). I was obsessed with the lion king not to mention I’d still die to watch it again for the 2000th times. Anyways, Getting back.. Haku namatata meaning “Don’t worry, be happy” in Swahili language (common among the African great lake region).

I’m going to tell you some haku namatata secrets that you can find  without trying or buying! Because we don’t need the most glamorous items to make us happy, Instead, we can find our life contentment around us (In our everyday life).

Lets see what we have here, things that can make us go “Haku namata”;

  1. A nice lovely morning wake up (Being grateful to be alive).
  2. A hot cuppa coffee.
  3. Family
  4. A good, sweaty workout
  5. A song that reminds you of some good memories.
  6. A song that make you dance.
  7. Amazing lights at night
  8. Stars
  9. Post-rain earthy breeze
  10. Nice warm blanket.
  11. Laughter.
  12. Learning something after your mistake
  13. Knowing that someone loves you back
  14. A Hug
  15. A nice big deep breath



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