The Solo list. 

Alone today? Your friend didn’t turn up? Don’t have anyone to go out with? Or just waiting for someone at the shopping centre? Here are some things I would do, and I think you can do too..

  • Go for a coffee. You can sit down and watch people while you sip your bitter sweet coffee in a big mug. You won’t even realize when you’ve finish your coffee. Let me tell, the combination is amaze- ing!
  •  Buy yourself a jewellery. Go to Pandora, prouds, bevillis and I bet your bucket that they have affordable sterling silver jewellery (if you’re on the rich side, buy yourself a diamond ring). C’mon girl pamper your soul.
  • Treat yourself with ice cream. You don’t need a buddy to share that ice cream moment. Damn girl! You share that creamy delight with your taste buds.
  • Go window shopping. Act like you’re a badass rich woman. If you can’t buy ’em you can at least pretend like you’re about to. You won’t believe how many good stuffs you’ll eye on and then jot it down in your wish list! Hey, no problem with having a wish list alright.
  • People watch. You can criticize people on your mind there’s no one to judge you. Or mind pat someone’s shoulder if you think they are well dressed. Time will fly.
  •  Talk to a random person (I would recommend an old person) and vent on them. You never know you might get inspired by that person. Because seniors knows the best!
  • Search for free wifi. Shopping centres are loaded with free wifi. Make the most outta that free network. Don’t flick through dirty stuffs though as you know people’s eyes are everywhere!
  • And last but not the least, poop. Save your water bills and toilet rolls at home.


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