Victim of backhanded compliments?

“Hey there! you look pretty today.. Are you wearing makeup?”

Don’t you like getting complimented? I do! However, there are some compliments which leaves you thinking.. “Was that a compliment or total sarcasms?” Just like the one on top of my post today. Jeez! that’s wicked.

Well! It’s called backhanded compliment. And i think it’s a great form of art! To be able to insult someone while adding a touch of compliment when you’re actually only dissing them- that is some serious talent!

I’m only talking about this because in the past, i have been a victim of some sassy backhanded compliments from people. Embarrassingly funny but truly hurtful too.

There is one hilarious compliment i got when i was blonde, from a friend. He said “When you were blonde you looked so good just like a monkey”. That left me speechless and moments later i burst out laughing even though it did sting a little inside. No grudge though!

There is another one about my cooking.. They said ” You cook really good chicken curry once in a blue moon.” Which clearly meant you cook horribly most of the time.

Just another vicious one which really got to me was “you’re quiet photogenic- you look different in real life!” They clearly didn’t recognize me in reality.

And the last one, “you look a lot slimmer and perkier on your Instagram photos”. (Psssspp..Just threw up what was in my mouth! Thanks for the compliment- Can i punch you now?). Haha!

Have you ever been a victim of backhanded compliment? or have you ever given a backhanded compliment to someone you don’t like? If yes, you’re most welcome to share your part of lines.

Stay safe there yo’ll, It’s a mean world. (wink wink)



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