Smallest joy through my lens!

27/05/2016- Today, I have decided to look at everyone as well as everything, whether it be small or big, as if i have never seen them before.

Because even little things bring joy and pleasure.

Even the smallest effort is still an Effort! 

Even a tiny curve in our lips can brighten up the day!

Even a cool breeze can lighten up our soul.

And sometimes, wandering through open roads and the wilds give you the strength to be patient.

So, Lets open our eyes and see the beauty  (even in the smallest things).

And we’ll feel like we’re home!






Leave a comment about the smallest thing that makes you happy. You can pop a glee photo if you want to.

Until next time, Keep breathing.






To do or not to!

I haven’t been posting much on my blog these days. I must say i have been feeling a little low and unproductive. I would always sit in front of my computer to write about something and then my mind would go blank or i felt like the post wasn’t good enough. I still don’t feel 100% today but i’ll gamble. So, Lets see if i can finish writing this post today.

(Deep breaths) So, I created a What NOT TO DO list if i want to stay focused on my blog.


  1.  Do not browse Facebook, most of all, Instagram or any other social media you’re partially addicted to.
  2. Do not trick your mind that you can multitask. Because the fact is you can’t. You’ll only end up getting stuck with one very interesting task which is probably not important.
  4. Do not think your work is not good enough.
  5. JUST DO IT!!

And then, I created a my WHAT TO DO list:

  1. Get your ass off that lounge and pump some blood- exercise!
  2. Set a deadline for everything (Even if it’s just a showering!- you might save water bills).
  3. Read more, get more knowledge, Get inspired.
  4. Travel places- even if it’s just a nearby park.
  5. Listen to people.
  6. JUST DO IT!!

Guess what? I’m done writing. I’m going to keep things fun and easy so that i don’t get bored. Because not all “TO DO” list has be boring!

So, I’m never going to ask myself TO DO OR NOT TO DO.. instead i’m just going to do it!

Until next time.






The time machine?

Today is different! I’m usually sitting on the toilet while i’m brainstorming about the topic for my blog especially because my mind works like a machine while i’m either pooping or showering. Quiet true- It could be because of the overtly relaxed environment.

Talking about relaxation, I recently visited a place in Melbourne called puffing billy. It’s the oldest preserved steam train and the whole setting has a 60’s vibe to it. I felt like i time traveled all the way to ancient times and that’s why i named my article “The time Machine”.  The train ride was a solid 1 hour ride with high up bridges, endless woods and obviously lots and lots of steam from the front engine of the train. I took some photos of the ride and i tried my level best to capture the best parts of the ride. You have to believe me though, The photo’s does not do justice to the place. The view is much more mesmerizing when seen by one’s own eyes.

Here in Australia, It’s Autumn. The road down to puffing billy was covered with Autumn leaves. Loved the rusty red, yellow and discolored orange colored leaves on the gravel and so i had to stop for a while to take the perfect photo. Just to remind me how beautiful nature is!

The time machine arrived and all ready to board!

This is me time travelling through the woods. If your’re wondering why my legs are hanging on a fast speed leafy road, I HAD MY LEGS OUT OF THE WINDOW! Wicked ey! The window ledge strictly wrote “NO LEANING ON THE WINDOW LEDGE” and here i am, not just leaning but sitting on the ledge and hanging my lower body out for some extra adventure!





Random guy trying to capture the exact picture as me! :O Hashtag- Copycat!


Picture perfect!


Apparently, It wasn’t only me with both feet out of the train. Naughty World!

Hope you’re enjoyed scrolling through my post today! If you’ve been loyal to my post and survived till the end i think you deserve some HANDY TIPS if you’re planning to visit this spectacular place.

#1) Don’t purchase the tickets from the counter on the day of your travel as it’ll cost you a fortune. Buy your tickets from Melbourne’s visitor center or sited like groupon. Trust me, you’ll save a lot

#2) I recommend you to only follow #2 if you’re a little cunning or in nice words Daring! If you don’t get discounted tickets from anywhere then only ask the ticket counter for a one way ticket. It’s a lot cheaper! The ticket officer only checks your ticket  before you board the train from the starting point but they don’t check tickets on the way back! Ssshh..

#3) Carry some warm clothes, bottle of water and small bites. As the last thing you want is starvation and shivering chicken skin!