What does it take to being a human?


A very vast and complex question “What make us human?”

There are obliviously different views and opinions about a perfect human being because truth to be said there are no perfect human being. There is always an existence of some sort of “error” within every single one us. Just like advanced technologies which tend to make mistakes even though they are designed to perform tasks with a perfect quality.  So, If machines can make mistakes then we are human’s! We have one brain which denies to work without a cup of coffee some days, while some days it works like a manic machine.

We are MULTIFACED and so UNPREDICATABLE, don‘t you think?

So, maybe… the “what does it take to be a human?” is not the question. Rather, we should ask “what does it take to be a BETTER human being than I am now?”

Well.. It still is a vast question and if I’ve guessed right, you might have already goggled (at least once in your life until now) “How to be a better person? Or the best boyfriend/ girlfriend? Or mother? Or a good employee?  Blah. blah blah! And I bet, 90% of the articles you clicked on said;

  • Forgive
  • Listen
  • Love
  • Adapt changes… and the list goes on..

But guess what? That’s the hardest part! Being a human is not easy. It’s challenging in every single way. How can we be more caring, more loving, more giving, less talking, less complaining?

Let’s see…, The major characteristics of a human being is to be able to laugh and to make others laugh, think, imagine, talk, get angry, jealous and see beauty. We cannot go beyond this, we are asking for too much if we want to be more humorous, more beautiful, rich and intelligent. Having said that, there is one more characteristics which I missed out; “It’s asking for more”. See, that’s why being human, is so complicated.

So how is it that we become a better human being?  

Just being yourself! No one can do a better job than you, yourself at being yourself. It’s easy.

Make mistakes! Because we all learn from our mistakes. Things will go wrong and that’s ok. It’s not the end of the world. We can always make up to it, whether it is sooner or later. You might say “they haven’t yet invented an eraser to erase off the mistakes we make in life.” But why do we need it? So that we can all be perfect? Yes, it might erase off the mistakes superficially but No, it won’t erase off the traces. Why hide it when we can work on building a better future while embracing the fact that it was meant to happen! It’s the timing and the amount of motivation we have in us that matter, not the number of mistakes we have made.

Also, let’s all forget about being “A GOOD PERSON” because the truth is, there are no good people or bad people! But there are good deeds and bad deeds. We are human and this is what we do- we react to a situation the way it hits us! We love someone who loves us and hate someone who hates us! We can’t forgive, until and unless there is mutual sense of forgiveness from both parties. It is simple as that.

We don’t usually realize that we, as a human being, are gifted with awesome things which non-human beings (I mean animals and all other non-living things) don’t have. We have powerful sense of decision making and communicating our needs.  Just close your eyes now and quickly rewind the things you have done today. Don’t you feel lucky for being able to imagine and reflecting back on things you have done just by closing your eyes for a second?  Isn’t that great? Yeah! This is what BEING HUMAN feels like.

Beautiful and satisfying that we exist with such massive powers!




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