Weekly Pins #1| Pinterest inspiration for your living room

This is the start of the “Weekly Pins“. Basically, I’ll be sharing number of pins from pinterest that I’m loving and have pinned for the week. As i have recently moved houses, i have been guiltily obssesed with browsing pins consisting of  pure arts in living rooms. I’ve been stuck to these lovely inspirations in a hope that i can build my living room just like all these masterpiece. Here goes my Weekly Pins #1.

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What has inspired you lately?















Pick yourself up honey!

If you’ve ever tried something I’m pretty sure you’ve failed..Not just once.. maybe a couple of times. Everyone deals with failure at one time or another. I guess, failure is a huge fear for everyone. It leaves you with bruises.. It definitely bruises your ego but, it also makes you start over again!  It is also crucial to handle ourselves when we find out that we’re stuck in a daunting situation. Everyone falls flat on their face now and again, when things don’t work out as planned- but really.. Really in real life, if you were to fall flat on your nose you would get up straight away and continue with what you were doing keeping in mind how not to fall back again. That’s exactly what we have to imply when we come face to face with failures in life.  Here are some things that I do to I battle through in my tough times which you could try too…


First thing first, LOVE! Love yourself honey. Be kind to yourself. Remember, everybody fails.. and just because you didn’t succeed the first time doesn’t mean you’re stupid or one less of a person. Hating yourself and surrounding yourself with your own negative thoughts won’t help you take positive steps forward.  Help your mind to be more understanding towards yourself and treat yourself with less stress and constant pressure. Because guess what? There’s always next time and billions of more next time!


When your mum say’s “Don’t do it”.. Don’t you always do it? Correspondingly, When life gives you a hard time and secretly tells you not to DO IT.. You have to DO IT! Buckle up your shoes and get ready to fight for it, even after heart wreaking denials. Remember, you just need time and subtle change. Give it a shot again but this time, just differently.


We hear this slogan almost ever time to fail which indeed is very true. The key is to come back stronger than you were before and learning from our mistakes will make us stronger. We have to make those mistakes an opportunity to grow and better yourself. Instead of crawling down in a foetal position and crying, we might want to try looking back at our mistakes and making it an opportunity educational point. What exactly went wrong??


Give yourself a break. When your mind and body is not ready there is no point in fighting. So, take some time off to clear your head and get a fresh perspective. Listen to your gut and start over again when you’re fully ready to come back stronger. Taking a step back does not necessarily mean you’re giving up. It’s just another way to analyse the situation and distress yourself so that you can refocus. And you’ll know when you’re ready to jump start again.


Wipe off those negatives vibes and thoughts and get ready for a fresh start. Don’t hold onto your past mistakes because once you start dwelling back on your failures I’m afraid, you’ll never move forward again. Whatever happened.. happened! It’s over and nothing can change the past but we can surely build a better, bigger and brighter future!

How have you dealt with past failures?

P.S: Don’t forget to encourage yourself and the most important, Love yourself.   





Small lifestyle changes to live healthier

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog lately and I’m very guilty for that. I’ve been busy with moving houses and if you’ve ever moved houses you’ll know what a pain in the ass it is!

Apart from that, I’ve also started embracing some healthy kicks to my diet and I have noticed a huge difference, not just with my body but also, my mind. I’ve managed to lose 3 kgs (6.61 lbs if you didn’t study metric system) by just making healthy eating decisions. NOTE: I didn’t go on a crash diet or starvation therapy…jeez…That’s silly and dangerous.

At first, I thought it was extremely difficult but as I went along with the flow I got used to it. It wasn’t a huge change in my everyday diet plan, just minor changes and it turned out to be jewel.

Today, I thought I would share what I’ve been doing to live a bit healthier each day.

     Small lifestyle changes to live healthier

  • Drink a glass of warm water with 10mls of apple cider vinegar. (Not the best taste in the world however, bearable.. hmm..I would give it a 6/10 for taste).
  • Make smoothies out of fruits, raw veggies. (Thumbs up if you would like delicious recipes for smoothies).
  • Add lemon, fresh fruits or mint herbs in your water. (Spice it up a little to trick your body in drinking more water).
  • DO NOT go grocery shopping while you are hungry! That’s a NO NO.. then you’ll tend to pick up more junks than anything near healthy. It’s all about tricking your mind.
  • Give up any sort of frizzy drinks. If possible stay away from any botted juices available in the market- they are full of acids and they are loaded with sugar.  Having said that, it brings me to my next point.
  • Cut down on sugar intake. I’ve reduced my sugar intake from 1 tsp to none. (YAAAYY)
  • Try a workout challenge!
  • Invest on cool workout clothing’s for extra motivation.
  • Print out or save some photos of people who inspires you.
  • Take a “before” photo of yourself to motivate yourself.
  • Don’t focus on the word “DIETING” itself instead focus on finding satisfaction with the healthy choice of food you’ve made.  Conquer your mind and you’ll conquer your body too!
  • Use olive oil to cook food.
  • Try to go for a walk; even jogging in place is a great workout itself.
  • Download Apps to help you keep motivated. Few that i use are; skyfit (Running app),  Mydieatcoach(Calorie tracker) and Capitan (Helps build groccery list).
  • Snack, Snack and Snack! Grab foods like nuts, fruits instead of chips or cookies. Throw those cookies out please!
  • Once in a while, give yourself a treat for staying focused. Allow yourself a guilt-free food indulgences (They call it “The cheat day”). TIP: Save the cheat day for family or friends get-together, that way you won’t be the odd one out and people won’t hate you for being super healthy!

However, keep in mind, that I’m not a Doctor or a professional nutritionists and what works for me might not work for you. And remember, if you’re trying to focus on your health and fitness.. Rule of the thumb is “Consistency and patience”.  Stick to it like a koala sticks to the tree!

What do you do to keep healthy?