Pick yourself up honey!

If you’ve ever tried something I’m pretty sure you’ve failed..Not just once.. maybe a couple of times. Everyone deals with failure at one time or another. I guess, failure is a huge fear for everyone. It leaves you with bruises.. It definitely bruises your ego but, it also makes you start over again!  It is also crucial to handle ourselves when we find out that we’re stuck in a daunting situation. Everyone falls flat on their face now and again, when things don’t work out as planned- but really.. Really in real life, if you were to fall flat on your nose you would get up straight away and continue with what you were doing keeping in mind how not to fall back again. That’s exactly what we have to imply when we come face to face with failures in life.  Here are some things that I do to I battle through in my tough times which you could try too…


First thing first, LOVE! Love yourself honey. Be kind to yourself. Remember, everybody fails.. and just because you didn’t succeed the first time doesn’t mean you’re stupid or one less of a person. Hating yourself and surrounding yourself with your own negative thoughts won’t help you take positive steps forward.  Help your mind to be more understanding towards yourself and treat yourself with less stress and constant pressure. Because guess what? There’s always next time and billions of more next time!


When your mum say’s “Don’t do it”.. Don’t you always do it? Correspondingly, When life gives you a hard time and secretly tells you not to DO IT.. You have to DO IT! Buckle up your shoes and get ready to fight for it, even after heart wreaking denials. Remember, you just need time and subtle change. Give it a shot again but this time, just differently.


We hear this slogan almost ever time to fail which indeed is very true. The key is to come back stronger than you were before and learning from our mistakes will make us stronger. We have to make those mistakes an opportunity to grow and better yourself. Instead of crawling down in a foetal position and crying, we might want to try looking back at our mistakes and making it an opportunity educational point. What exactly went wrong??


Give yourself a break. When your mind and body is not ready there is no point in fighting. So, take some time off to clear your head and get a fresh perspective. Listen to your gut and start over again when you’re fully ready to come back stronger. Taking a step back does not necessarily mean you’re giving up. It’s just another way to analyse the situation and distress yourself so that you can refocus. And you’ll know when you’re ready to jump start again.


Wipe off those negatives vibes and thoughts and get ready for a fresh start. Don’t hold onto your past mistakes because once you start dwelling back on your failures I’m afraid, you’ll never move forward again. Whatever happened.. happened! It’s over and nothing can change the past but we can surely build a better, bigger and brighter future!

How have you dealt with past failures?

P.S: Don’t forget to encourage yourself and the most important, Love yourself.   





7 typical types of eye-contact everyone should be aware of.

Raise your hands if you think Eye contact is important!

Well, I didn’t think it played such an important role four years ago, until now.  Back when i was a kid i was told not to maintain eye contact because it reflected disrespect. Now, if i don’t maintain an eye contact people think it’s disrespectful. What a twist in the story!

Did you know that there are different types of eye contact? Lets  do some eye talk today.

Here are some easy-to-relate types of eye contact you probably have come across or you probably have given to someone intentionally and unintentionally.

  • The Crazy eye contact– Ever gone into a bar, sat down and sensed someone gazing at you? With the eye of intimacy? But the sad part is you dislike every part of the scene and you look away. And you try to NOT look at them. You know they’re looking at you but you consciously look away from them while secretly rolling your eyes with a sentence in your mind “What a creep!”. If you see this, Stop staring because it means “I’m not interested in you Creepy little fellow- keep away!”


  • The normal eye contact– You’re walking on the road and you happen to glance at someone in-the-eye (oh shit) and both of you’s eyes meet and then immediately look away while you keep walking. Eeehh.. Happens all the time! This type of eye contact is kind of normal or you could say neutral- nothing really happening. Most of the people don’t even realize that they were looking.

  • The intimidated eye contact– You’re walking on the road and you happen to glance at someone in-the-eye (AGAIN) and both you’s eyes meet except this time, you look down as quickly as you can INTENTIAONALLY with a subtle hint of shyness! This could probably mean you’re attracted towards them but you don’t know about it. It just happens unintentionally!


  • The twice eye contact– You know what that means! Glancing Twice is a sign of interest (At least that’s what I think). You just want to have a sneak peek into that face once more while your brain formulates answers like – “Hold on! I know this person..hmm.. snapchat? Facebook? Highschool? Friends friend?”,” He has an attractive face”..Or Twice could be a sign of “Hold on! Is she wearing a pink eye shadow on her cheeks?”  “Oh my god why can’t people distinguish between pants and leggings!”…..You choose!

  • The sincere eye contact– Animals and humans are quiet similar with this type of eye contact. When you smash almost everything that’s breakable in your room because you think YOU NEED A BREAK. But later you need to convince your mother that it was the wind that made the mess- that’s when you use the sincere eye contact. It shows pure guilt and sincere apologies. A clear hint- You get away with anything with this look. Try it! Naughty guilty dogs do it all the time and it always works!

  • The dreamy eye contact– Everybody tends to zone out and that’s when the dreamy eye contact comes in place. You’ve been staring at someone for more than 2-3 sec while you don’t know you have been staring at them to actually make them feel uncomfortable. But..You still don’t want to blink or move your sight out of the place because it feels comfortable day- dreaming that way! Sorry Bros.. Can’t help it! I’m having the best unconscious stare of my life!

  • The Scary-creepy eye contact- Ever got shivers down your spine because of the way someone’s staring at you?   For instances, you’re lining up for your coffee or walking down a quiet path and you catch two diabolic creepy eyes staring at you. This could be too much eye contact making you feel uncomfortable beyond the limits. More like threatening and less weird.
    People.. you got to practice how to NOT give this type of eye-contact because it scares the sh** out of anyone.

So.. What do you think? Have you encountered any other type of eye-contact besides these? If you have feel free to comment and share your experience.

Untill next time- Keep your eyes trained! (Wink..Wink)





What does it take to being a human?


A very vast and complex question “What make us human?”

There are obliviously different views and opinions about a perfect human being because truth to be said there are no perfect human being. There is always an existence of some sort of “error” within every single one us. Just like advanced technologies which tend to make mistakes even though they are designed to perform tasks with a perfect quality.  So, If machines can make mistakes then we are human’s! We have one brain which denies to work without a cup of coffee some days, while some days it works like a manic machine.

We are MULTIFACED and so UNPREDICATABLE, don‘t you think?

So, maybe… the “what does it take to be a human?” is not the question. Rather, we should ask “what does it take to be a BETTER human being than I am now?”

Well.. It still is a vast question and if I’ve guessed right, you might have already goggled (at least once in your life until now) “How to be a better person? Or the best boyfriend/ girlfriend? Or mother? Or a good employee?  Blah. blah blah! And I bet, 90% of the articles you clicked on said;

  • Forgive
  • Listen
  • Love
  • Adapt changes… and the list goes on..

But guess what? That’s the hardest part! Being a human is not easy. It’s challenging in every single way. How can we be more caring, more loving, more giving, less talking, less complaining?

Let’s see…, The major characteristics of a human being is to be able to laugh and to make others laugh, think, imagine, talk, get angry, jealous and see beauty. We cannot go beyond this, we are asking for too much if we want to be more humorous, more beautiful, rich and intelligent. Having said that, there is one more characteristics which I missed out; “It’s asking for more”. See, that’s why being human, is so complicated.

So how is it that we become a better human being?  

Just being yourself! No one can do a better job than you, yourself at being yourself. It’s easy.

Make mistakes! Because we all learn from our mistakes. Things will go wrong and that’s ok. It’s not the end of the world. We can always make up to it, whether it is sooner or later. You might say “they haven’t yet invented an eraser to erase off the mistakes we make in life.” But why do we need it? So that we can all be perfect? Yes, it might erase off the mistakes superficially but No, it won’t erase off the traces. Why hide it when we can work on building a better future while embracing the fact that it was meant to happen! It’s the timing and the amount of motivation we have in us that matter, not the number of mistakes we have made.

Also, let’s all forget about being “A GOOD PERSON” because the truth is, there are no good people or bad people! But there are good deeds and bad deeds. We are human and this is what we do- we react to a situation the way it hits us! We love someone who loves us and hate someone who hates us! We can’t forgive, until and unless there is mutual sense of forgiveness from both parties. It is simple as that.

We don’t usually realize that we, as a human being, are gifted with awesome things which non-human beings (I mean animals and all other non-living things) don’t have. We have powerful sense of decision making and communicating our needs.  Just close your eyes now and quickly rewind the things you have done today. Don’t you feel lucky for being able to imagine and reflecting back on things you have done just by closing your eyes for a second?  Isn’t that great? Yeah! This is what BEING HUMAN feels like.

Beautiful and satisfying that we exist with such massive powers!



Smallest joy through my lens!

27/05/2016- Today, I have decided to look at everyone as well as everything, whether it be small or big, as if i have never seen them before.

Because even little things bring joy and pleasure.

Even the smallest effort is still an Effort! 

Even a tiny curve in our lips can brighten up the day!

Even a cool breeze can lighten up our soul.

And sometimes, wandering through open roads and the wilds give you the strength to be patient.

So, Lets open our eyes and see the beauty  (even in the smallest things).

And we’ll feel like we’re home!






Leave a comment about the smallest thing that makes you happy. You can pop a glee photo if you want to.

Until next time, Keep breathing.






To do or not to!

I haven’t been posting much on my blog these days. I must say i have been feeling a little low and unproductive. I would always sit in front of my computer to write about something and then my mind would go blank or i felt like the post wasn’t good enough. I still don’t feel 100% today but i’ll gamble. So, Lets see if i can finish writing this post today.

(Deep breaths) So, I created a What NOT TO DO list if i want to stay focused on my blog.


  1.  Do not browse Facebook, most of all, Instagram or any other social media you’re partially addicted to.
  2. Do not trick your mind that you can multitask. Because the fact is you can’t. You’ll only end up getting stuck with one very interesting task which is probably not important.
  4. Do not think your work is not good enough.
  5. JUST DO IT!!

And then, I created a my WHAT TO DO list:

  1. Get your ass off that lounge and pump some blood- exercise!
  2. Set a deadline for everything (Even if it’s just a showering!- you might save water bills).
  3. Read more, get more knowledge, Get inspired.
  4. Travel places- even if it’s just a nearby park.
  5. Listen to people.
  6. JUST DO IT!!

Guess what? I’m done writing. I’m going to keep things fun and easy so that i don’t get bored. Because not all “TO DO” list has be boring!

So, I’m never going to ask myself TO DO OR NOT TO DO.. instead i’m just going to do it!

Until next time.






The time machine?

Today is different! I’m usually sitting on the toilet while i’m brainstorming about the topic for my blog especially because my mind works like a machine while i’m either pooping or showering. Quiet true- It could be because of the overtly relaxed environment.

Talking about relaxation, I recently visited a place in Melbourne called puffing billy. It’s the oldest preserved steam train and the whole setting has a 60’s vibe to it. I felt like i time traveled all the way to ancient times and that’s why i named my article “The time Machine”.  The train ride was a solid 1 hour ride with high up bridges, endless woods and obviously lots and lots of steam from the front engine of the train. I took some photos of the ride and i tried my level best to capture the best parts of the ride. You have to believe me though, The photo’s does not do justice to the place. The view is much more mesmerizing when seen by one’s own eyes.

Here in Australia, It’s Autumn. The road down to puffing billy was covered with Autumn leaves. Loved the rusty red, yellow and discolored orange colored leaves on the gravel and so i had to stop for a while to take the perfect photo. Just to remind me how beautiful nature is!

The time machine arrived and all ready to board!

This is me time travelling through the woods. If your’re wondering why my legs are hanging on a fast speed leafy road, I HAD MY LEGS OUT OF THE WINDOW! Wicked ey! The window ledge strictly wrote “NO LEANING ON THE WINDOW LEDGE” and here i am, not just leaning but sitting on the ledge and hanging my lower body out for some extra adventure!





Random guy trying to capture the exact picture as me! :O Hashtag- Copycat!


Picture perfect!


Apparently, It wasn’t only me with both feet out of the train. Naughty World!

Hope you’re enjoyed scrolling through my post today! If you’ve been loyal to my post and survived till the end i think you deserve some HANDY TIPS if you’re planning to visit this spectacular place.

#1) Don’t purchase the tickets from the counter on the day of your travel as it’ll cost you a fortune. Buy your tickets from Melbourne’s visitor center or sited like groupon. Trust me, you’ll save a lot

#2) I recommend you to only follow #2 if you’re a little cunning or in nice words Daring! If you don’t get discounted tickets from anywhere then only ask the ticket counter for a one way ticket. It’s a lot cheaper! The ticket officer only checks your ticket  before you board the train from the starting point but they don’t check tickets on the way back! Ssshh..

#3) Carry some warm clothes, bottle of water and small bites. As the last thing you want is starvation and shivering chicken skin!




The gates of heaven. 

 26/04/2016- When the sun goes down the  hills and hides behind another country, the view is jaw dropping.  The sky fills with soft gold and lavender making it look like a sophisticated art. This dusky evening has made me fall in love again with the nature.

How i wish i could find the family playing under the sunset and give them the moment i captured.



The thin clouds fading away and darkness evading.  



My Mind’s eye

2004- More than 250 miles away from home at the age of 11, I set my foot on a new school. I was driven to a big cottage which was supposed to be my home while i studied there. It was surrounded by huge trees, gardens full of flowers supposedly it looked like heaven. Even in Autumn, there wasn’t even a single dried leaf on the grassland and together, the grass seemed so green.

I entered inside the cottage holding my mum’s hands with my heavy luggage looking like a scared puppy. Even after Twelve years, the smell of that cottage lingers in my nose- very antique wood smell. They had managed to keep the timber shining like a brand new house which was impressive.

A big fat figured lady with round glasses stepped down the stairs with extra large pink and white dress layered with navy blue cardigan. She welcomed us with a big smile. Peculiar, she had a high pitched tone which took me by surprise- I imagined her voice to be more fat and meaty tone, just like her. Behind her healthy body, a lean, dark lady wearing faded straight blue jeans stepped down. She second surprised me- she had a hoarse, more like a fat lady voice. I secretly giggled inside my head.

While i was secretly laughing in my head my mum had already pulled herself away from me ready to leave. The lean dark lady, who was an in-charge of the cottage took my luggage and asked me to bid goodbye to mum. I was too scared to say anything so i looked at my mum while she consoled me by saying “You’ll be fine, I have heaps of food for you in your luggage, if you get hungry grab them and nibble onto them”. She left after that and i wondered whether she was going to miss me like i was already missing her. She must have cried after she left, like i did. I feel sad to say that i did not have a camera to capture my sadness and my fears but I’m pleased that my mind captured the moment.

The two ladies asked me to take out one pair of clothing, shoes and my school uniform from the luggage with a dull face. I did what was asked and my luggage was taken away from me and was kept locked. I did not have access to it after that day.

Later, I found out they weren’t as jolly as they appeared on my first day. I got beaten, pinched and yelled for tiny mistakes. I got punished for not waking up straight after the alarm went on at 4 o’clock in the morning. The alarm wasn’t a ticking alarm but loud clapping hands “Clap Clap, Wake up!”.

Remember when i said the place looked like heaven, full of green grass and luminous timber floor. I found out that it was only because the dried fallen leaves had to be picked up every morning at 4 am, the grass had to be swept as well as watered and the timber floors had to be polished vigorously early at 4am until it out-shined the sun.

The food that my mum packed for me disappeared from my luggage. Maybe they took all my grubs and ate them silently. Maybe they gave it to their kids but not me.

I wore one pair of clothing for almost a week everyday. It noticeably appeared filthy also friends at school teased me for wearing filthy clothes. I was embarrassed so i would sprinkled white body powder over my clothing to make it look white and clean.

Showers were not too classy. I had to strip off and wait for the lady to pour water from a small jug. She would pour once at the start and twice afterwards, to rinse the soap from my body. No wonder I started getting rashes on my body. No body lotions provided. On winter my body would go dry and flaky.

I always thought ‘for me, time has gone back to 1940’s’. Traumatic event which will always remain in my mind as it has captured the moment like a permanent photobook which will never be erased.


Victim of backhanded compliments?

“Hey there! you look pretty today.. Are you wearing makeup?”

Don’t you like getting complimented? I do! However, there are some compliments which leaves you thinking.. “Was that a compliment or total sarcasms?” Just like the one on top of my post today. Jeez! that’s wicked.

Well! It’s called backhanded compliment. And i think it’s a great form of art! To be able to insult someone while adding a touch of compliment when you’re actually only dissing them- that is some serious talent!

I’m only talking about this because in the past, i have been a victim of some sassy backhanded compliments from people. Embarrassingly funny but truly hurtful too.

There is one hilarious compliment i got when i was blonde, from a friend. He said “When you were blonde you looked so good just like a monkey”. That left me speechless and moments later i burst out laughing even though it did sting a little inside. No grudge though!

There is another one about my cooking.. They said ” You cook really good chicken curry once in a blue moon.” Which clearly meant you cook horribly most of the time.

Just another vicious one which really got to me was “you’re quiet photogenic- you look different in real life!” They clearly didn’t recognize me in reality.

And the last one, “you look a lot slimmer and perkier on your Instagram photos”. (Psssspp..Just threw up what was in my mouth! Thanks for the compliment- Can i punch you now?). Haha!

Have you ever been a victim of backhanded compliment? or have you ever given a backhanded compliment to someone you don’t like? If yes, you’re most welcome to share your part of lines.

Stay safe there yo’ll, It’s a mean world. (wink wink)



The Solo list. 

Alone today? Your friend didn’t turn up? Don’t have anyone to go out with? Or just waiting for someone at the shopping centre? Here are some things I would do, and I think you can do too..

  • Go for a coffee. You can sit down and watch people while you sip your bitter sweet coffee in a big mug. You won’t even realize when you’ve finish your coffee. Let me tell, the combination is amaze- ing!
  •  Buy yourself a jewellery. Go to Pandora, prouds, bevillis and I bet your bucket that they have affordable sterling silver jewellery (if you’re on the rich side, buy yourself a diamond ring). C’mon girl pamper your soul.
  • Treat yourself with ice cream. You don’t need a buddy to share that ice cream moment. Damn girl! You share that creamy delight with your taste buds.
  • Go window shopping. Act like you’re a badass rich woman. If you can’t buy ’em you can at least pretend like you’re about to. You won’t believe how many good stuffs you’ll eye on and then jot it down in your wish list! Hey, no problem with having a wish list alright.
  • People watch. You can criticize people on your mind there’s no one to judge you. Or mind pat someone’s shoulder if you think they are well dressed. Time will fly.
  •  Talk to a random person (I would recommend an old person) and vent on them. You never know you might get inspired by that person. Because seniors knows the best!
  • Search for free wifi. Shopping centres are loaded with free wifi. Make the most outta that free network. Don’t flick through dirty stuffs though as you know people’s eyes are everywhere!
  • And last but not the least, poop. Save your water bills and toilet rolls at home.