Where do I “start” from?

This morning, I sat down in my leathery smelling leather couch (it’s new by the way) and i couldn’t believe i finished three movies by the afternoon. Nothing to eat but just orange juice which tasted like the sweetest honey ever! I couldn’t stand wasting my day by just watching movies (I do not mean to say they were horrible movies.. they were great! have you watched Wanted?- of course not the Bollywood one i’m talking about the movie which features Angelina jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Chris pat and so on…any-ho lets not get stuck here).

I started thinking of the things to do- obviously couldn’t think of any. I started wondering about my career and my future. I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, glamour, beautiful photography, DIY’s however, i seem to be standing in a pathway of saving other life-  A NURSE! Finishing my nursing degree after 4 years of hard work i’m starting to think whether nursing is or isn’t meant for me. (Stupid thinking)! I’ve worked as a student nurse in several hospitals and always try viewing myself in the position of the nurse i worked with that day but i could never see myself there. I’ve always wondered “IS THIS THE RIGHT THING FOR ME? HAVE I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE NURSE?”

The fact is, I’ve always wanted be a designer, maybe a makeup artist, maybe a creative DIY lady with millions of fans Ug-uh!! It’s still a “MAYBE”. That is why i choose to blog it all up. I want to jot down everything i see, feel, wear, eat and the most importantly the things i love and makes me happy. After all, Happiness is all that matters. So, brace yourself for there are many more posts to come 🙂

Ps: Coffees help me explore the thoughts in my mind.


Raisha (Thisgirlsthoughts)