Why did you change your hair again?

Age 1 month- 2 years, honestly you don’t remember what your hair looked like. You didn’t give a damn about anything except for breast milk.

Age 5, You’re growing up to love everything except for homework from school. Seeing your mother bring food to you makes you the most happiest.

Age 12, suddenly everything seems ugly. Jars of complains in your mind- I’m so FAT!, I’m so DARK!, my hair is SO CURLY!! I hate my hair color. Yup! You know that feeling don’t you?

Age 15, started experimenting on your hair. Day 1- chops of front bangs while trying to keep hands steady. Unfortunately hands are extremely shaky and the bangs are too short not to be noticed. Day 1- Mum notices (of course!! As always) and yells out. You try putting your short bangs back with a hair clip- with zero success. Mind says- you’re so ugly and your hair too!

Age 17, finally out of the cocoon, got your first permanent hair straightening done at a salon. The salon almost burned your hair off but you don’t mind- you just wanna look pretty! Mum says- you look like a lion with that frizzy straight unmanageable¬†hair! But who cares about what mum says!

Age 19, you earn money and you say- I’m gonna make myself pretty with my money! But little do you know, the money you earn from the job you do is only enough for your food and living.

Age 20,You just broke up with your boyfriend after 5 months into relationship and home is not as happy as it used to be. You feel isolated and heartbroken. There’s nothing in the world that makes you happy anymore and then, a bright light turns up. You go towards the bright light to find out it’s the latest fashion magazine filled with latest fashion trends and life hacks. You flick through few pages and BAAAMM.. you see this extraordinary tip, you read- ” Her hair is about to change her life”. Next day, you go the hair salon (this time to a fairly good salon) to dye your hair blonde from black. You look striking with that hair and for the first time people start noticing you. You feel great and not to mention, you also find guys lurking behind you (you Lovvvee it).

Age 25, You think you wanna try something different on your 25th birthday. Maybe turning into exotic red headed for a change from a Blondie doll (Jeez.. major change!). You’ve had enough fun partying but now you want to¬†be bold as well as youthful. You are more passionate about your career and you look even hotter.

Age 27, You stop caring about your looks and you are more focused on your career while piles of responsibilities hit you. Maybe You’ll change your hair back to black. You’re looking for a more reality based life with the balance of seriousness and fun. Then, as soon as you come out of the salon with your new black hair, your friends and family says, “You look beautiful”.

That’s when a strong belief engraves inside your heart and you realize”You’ve always been beautiful”. Perhaps hair cuts, hair color are meant to change your look externally and may help build up your confidence at some point but nothing can change who you really are, you just have to believe in yourself.

P.S: Always remember, You are beautiful.